Klaus P. Rausch’s Back In Time Records -Sound Research & Development- designs, develops and markets fine acoustic and electronic instruments and sound effect sample libraries since 1995. Downloadable products. Professional instrument recordings, carefully edited and categorized. Also: Factory voicing for musical instrument manufacturers, find out more here www.kpr-srd.com

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Minimoog Classics Series                                            Waldorf Blofeld Sample Libraries

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With the new The Box Series, you get everything you need in a single package. For the stage, to make music art, to freshen up your instrument in one go, as if it were a brand new one. There are titles in the formats Korg Kronos, Alesis Fusion and of course Native Instruments Kontakt. Each package contains a particularly extensive set of sounds, all of which are immediately playable and perfectly matched to the respective requirements. And you save a lot of money compared to buying normal individual sample libraries.

Featured products:

Kronos: Stage Box  

NI Kontakt: Artwork

Fusion: ROM Expansion XXL



Pianos for recording productions, stage purpose, unusual Prepared Piano effects. Even rare instruments like the Hohner Electra-piano and a rock’n roll worn Club Grand Piano.

Featured products:

Kronos: Classical Grand Piano, NI Kontakt: ElectraPiano, Fusion: DynaGrand


The real legendary Vintage Keys and most sought after instruments: Moog Minimoog, Elka Synthex, Yamaha CS80, Polivoks, ARP Odyssey, Solina String Ensemble, Oberheim Matrix 12, Godwin Symphony, Farfisa Polychrome, Mellotron M400, Roland Jupiter 8,, miniKORG 700S, Memorymoog, Hammond B3, Vox Continental and many more. Their typical sounds taken from instruments in perfect shape. Available in several large and small sample libraries and also as Best of Vintage Keys 1-4 selection.

Featured products:

Kronos: My Minimoog Classics, NI Kontakt: Best of Vintage Keys 1-4 Complete, Fusion: Famous Vintage Stringer


Violins, Brass Sections, Trumpet and Trombone, String Sections, Woodwind, Flute, Classical Harp as multisample instruments and also as the entire orchestra with ready-to-use phrases for film soundtrack. German Orchestra, Italian Orchestra, Lautmalerei -Orchestral Wild Takes-.

Featured products:

Kronos: German Orchestra, Cinematic: Lautmalerei 3.0 -Orchestral Wild Takes-, Fusion: MyOrchestra 4.0


From all around the world: Alphorn, Musette Accordion, Saz, Flamenco Guitar, Mandolin, Panflute, Celtic Harp, Ney Flute, Banjo, Zither, Bagpipe, Oud, Marimba, Didgeridoo, Steel Drum, Dulcimer, Psaltry and many more.

Featured products:

Kronos: Weltreise -Ethnic Instruments Collection-, NI Kontakt: Ethnosphere 2.0, Fusion: World Instruments


Fine Acoustic and Electric Guitars, clean, amped and distorted. Several Electric Bass instruments.

Featured products:

Kronos: Electric Bass, NI Kontakt: Guitars


Ready to produce Theme Collections like The Rock Keyboarder and Turmalin -Workstation Sounds- for convenient and instant use out of the box. Also: Synthesizer Presets from Stage & Studio to The New FM.

Featured products:

Kronos: Superstack, NI Kontakt: Heliosphere, Fusion: Dreamscapes


Film sounds, scenes, atmospheres, special sound effects. Clear categorized collections with quick and convenient access, easy handling for soundtrack composers, the commercial spots producer and game music maker. Also a resource for any kind of experimental music, intro and outro effects, audio books and more.

Featured products:

NI Kontakt: Dream Imaginery, Cinematic: The Traumstadt


All sounds and samples are designed and programmed for easiest plug & play and includes Synthesizer Presets.


Factory Voicing: As a White Label sample instrument developer I do also OEM products and recording production contractual work for musical instrument manufacturers Clavia Nordkeyboards, Hammond-Suzuki, Korg Inc., Modartt Pianoteq, UVI, Steinberg, Franke Music, Arturia, Tracktion, Alesis, IK Multimedia/Sonic Reality, Image Line, Apple/Emagic, Akai, Elektron and more for their factory content voicing demand. More details and references click here.


MI and personal Know-How Service: How-to books, custom sounddesign, performance and sound coaching, GUI and handling concept development. For music production clients, professional artists, consumer products manufacturer, film industry, computer animation, game, eductional companies. Contact for more details and requests here.