A complete set of 5 new acoustic drum kits, ready-to-use rhythms, additional drum pattern MIDI file and instructional tutorial PDF.

A complete set of 5 new acoustic drum kits, ready-to-use rhythms, additional drum pattern MIDI file and instructional tutorial PDF.

The 5 drum kits

  • Live Drum Lit
  • Rock Kit
  • Fusion Kit
  • Jazz Kit
  • 80s Pop Kit

All kits were recorded in a decent studio that is experienced in drums recording with all those famous microphones to capture the sounds perfectly. The mic positions were placed very closely to make the sound rather dry. This allows to add any room ambience with the Fusion’s effects section or outboard devices during the mixdown process.

A specific and convenient Controller concept makes the sound totally versatile for all drum kits. Each kit follows the same convention with access to tone attack, mute, pitch and room ambience. Also you have always a suitable drum rhythm by simply hitting the Arp button.

Snares, Hihats and Ride Cymbals are provided in several dynamics for each drum kit, it allows a lively sound like a real drummer does it.

The mapping mainly follows the GM standard, so you can even change the kit during a song and the concerned sound types (kick, snare, toms, cymbals, hihats) will remain as they are located on the same keys. Not satisfied with a kit in a song? Just change the Preset and get a better one, no further editing necessary.

As there are several recordings especially for snares and hihats you can choose between several versions of the same drum kit, which is a very convenient handling.

But even this is not all, the new “Fusion Drums by kpr” provides even more drums and percussion kits that are based on the Fusion’s internal drums and percussion samples, always including ready-to-use rhythms just by hitting a button. Modern drum kits with many sound mappings for contemporary and classic music styles, they all are here and the Controller assignment follows the same convention as mentioned above. No extra learning curve.

A comprehensive how-to instructional PDF is included that explains all instrument details of the drum kits and provides even a tutorial how to customize them for personal variations.

Although all Kits provide ready-to-switch-on Drum Beats an additional MIDI file with 64 rhythms is part of the library too. Those beats are pretty long, sound very human and each beat has variations and several fill in parts.

The included instructional PDF explains everything in detail and gives you a very good insight into the Fusion’s drum section. It allows to customize eveything easily to get a very personal and individual rhythm for each song.

With this Drum library your Fusion turns into a advanced Drum Machine with a lot of options, an easy-to-use handling concept and fresh Drum Kits with a new and dynamic sound.

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26 MB sample library, 5 Drum Kits, 100+ one-shot samples, 65 Drum Pattern .mid files, download product